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Frequently asked questions

What is sales & marketing?

Sales refers to all transactions that leads into selling of goods and services while marketing is the process of getting people interested to purchase the goods and services being sold.

Sales & Marketing are the operations and activities involved in promoting and selling what your business has to offer.

What are the steps to locate and hire sales & marketing experts and determine project/contract cost?

To locate and hire talents you must first identify which skills you need for your project/contract. We match you with remote experts that can help with your Sales & Marketing needs.

Marketing Automation
Sales Development


Social Media Advertising
Content Marketing

Project Costs depends on the scope of work and specific skills you need to complete the project.

Projects and contracts for sales & marketing includes the following:

Budget: Set your budget and note your preference for either an hourly rate or fixed-priced contract.

Project length: Scale of work, either for a small or big project should be indicated.

Skills: Identify what specific sales & marketing skills are needed to complete the project (e.g., SEO or Marketing Automation).

Deliverables: What do you need to accomplish? Are you looking for someone to create your website automation for your store or someone to monitor your Facebook & Instagram Ads?

Ways to connect and locate freelancers with sales & marketing skills?

Locate Freelancers wants to be the bridge that connects clients and freelancers. We want to give you hassle free hiring for your projects.

Freelancer job feed Locate your freelancer directly at the Freelancer Job Feed.

Talent Portfolio: You can browse defined projects with a set cost, timeline and package of deliverables created by your Sales & Marketing freelancers.

Specialized Network: Locate Freelancers gives you the option to hire a team or an agency to source your Sales & Marketing team.

Locate freelancers with the sales & marketing skills you need